Precast Concrete

Precast Systems specialises in the BIG stuff!


Precasting is done by pouring concrete into a mould or precasting bed to create individual concrete panels, moulded staircases, marine farming anchor blocks and a variety of smaller items.


When making concrete panels, the precasting bed is heated to speed up the concrete curing process. Once up to strength, the panel is lifted by the gantry crane, either directly onto waiting trucks or stored on site for later transportation. This whole process usually takes 24 hours.

Construction Industry

Precast panels are made to specification for foundations, retaining walls, and for buildings complete with cast-in window and door openings. These can have a range of finishes.


Although we are experts at concrete panels - that's not all we do.


Precast stairs are also made to specification depending on tred and riser variations, and the finish required. These are to suit situations from multi story buildings, to exterior landscaping. We have recently completed a set of concrete steps for a local recreational area; with an exposed aggregate finish, and stainless-steel edge capping, the project is a credit to the staff that worked on it.


Polished concrete benches for commercial use as well as residential bathrooms, kitchens and fireside hearths have become a stylish and hardwearing trend in recent years. Wither Hills Winery and Cellar Door features stunning examples of both polished concrete benches in their tasting area, as well as wall-hung fireside hearths that Precast Systems can create.



Marine Farming Products

Four, six and eight tonne marine farming anchor blocks are made with cast-in lifting eyes for manoeuvring into place and attaching mussel longlines. The moulds are oiled with bio-degradable oil, so there is no effect to the marine environment.



Agricultural and Miscellaneous

See our Product Catalogue for precast concrete water troughs in various sizes and shapes; well liners and lids.


We also supply precast gas slabs, gully surrounds and sumps for drainage.


If you are landscaping, we have everything from a shrub surround, to full carpark kerbing.


Cast-in lettered precast signs for farm gates, streets and subdivisions make a stunning entry statement. They are on-trend and hard wearing.


Don't forget, if it's not in the catalogue that doesn't mean we can't make it. If you can think of it, and make a sketch, Chances are - we can create something for you!